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A Brief History and Timeline of Ministry

  • 1981
  • Pastor Phil Bonasso, Karen and 10-month-old baby girl came to Los Angeles, CA to start a full Gospel, evangelical campus ministry at USC(University of Southern California). They were sent by a Christian campus organization based in the southeastern US.
  • 1982
  • Campus Ministry status was obtained with the help of a USC official who had been praying for years for this type of ministry to come to the campus. Pastor Phil Bonasso rented an old fraternity house on Fraternity Row. With the help of some Full Gospel Businessmen members and UCLA campus ministry members, the building was renovated into a Christian dorm and ministry center for USC students.
  • 1984
  • Pastors Phil and Karen along with Pastors David and Sandy Houston from a UCLA ministry began Executive Club 1000 to reach other University campuses in Southern California with the Gospel of Jesus. Significant help in this endeavor came from Rosie Grier and Pastor Jack Hayford ( (Ultimately, 7 major Southern California campuses were reached.)
  • 1986
  • Campus Ministry church grew and relocated to a Southbay Community. Campus bible studies continued at USC and Long Beach State Universities. Over the next few years Pastor Phil Bonassoís family also grew: He and Karen had four girls. (A fifth girl was born in 1993.)
  • 1989
  • The national organization, which Pastor Phil affiliated with dissolves. Phil and Karen Bonasso begin Victory Campus Ministries. (VCM)
  • 1989-1994
  • The local church and campus outreaches continued to increase. New churches were started at the Universities of Hawaii and Kansas. A personal partnership program was developed to help support young ministers. (This was the precursor for partnership development programs eventually established for campus missionaries in the US, Europe, Asia, and Africa.) Conference events became a part of their ministry to impart unity and vision.

    Karen began a ministry with the purpose of imparting hope, restoration, and reform among women. Annual events began which combined Creative Arts and the Gospel leading many women into a healing encounter with God and focused on training women in the practical issues of their chosen vocations. Pastor Phil led menís conferences, which encouraged brotherhood and spiritual maturity among men. Christian leaders such as Dennis Peacock ( and Winkie Pratney ( influenced the local churchís growth.
  • 1994
  • Pastor Phil and Karen and long time friend, evangelist Rice Brooks (, and long time acquaintance, missionary Steve Murrell ( who had a thriving ministry in the Philippines, joined forces to form Morning Star International. The vision would have as its focus church planting, campus ministry, and world missions.

    Beginning with three U.S. churches, three campus ministries, and 12 churches in Asia, the organization would grow to roughly 400 churches and 250 campus ministries worldwide in 10 years.
  • 1994-2004
  • During these years Pastors Phil Bonasso and Karenís ministry expanded beyond their local churches and influenced leaders and churches around the broader Morning Star International world. They conducted yearly conferences and staff gatherings for the European churches. Pastor Phil also led the conference event teams as they conducted the World Conferences for MSI in Los Angeles. These conferences grew from 300 to 5000 delegates from around the world.
  • 2000
  • Pastor Phil along with two other ministers, Pastor Leo Lawson and Pastor Jim Laffoon, began a graduate level training school for Campus Missionaries. The school was associated with Fuller Theological Seminary ( and ultimately trained over 300 missionaries. (Two of Pastor Phil Bonassoís daughters and one son-in-law were graduates of this program.)
  • 2002
  • The local church wins a 7 yr long struggle for a city permit to use its building to hold church services and to run the ministry training center for youth. The church victoriously moves from Torrance to Rolling Hills Estates.
  • 2003
  • Pastor Phil procures legal and accounting ( professionals to help re-organize Morning Star Ministriesí corporate structure to handle the exponential growth of the ministry and to position it for future success and longevity. (Pastor Phil was COO of the corporate office.)
  • 2005
  • The 3yr process to finalize plans for the re-structuring of the Ministry is approved by a 10 member Ministry board. The name of the ministry is changed to Every Nation. This 3 year process leads to an “unqualified” audit report. This unqualified rating is the highest possible rating for a new organization. (Every Nations' Article)

    After 10 yrs of an intense travel schedule, as well as corporate and local church Senior Pastor responsibilities, Pastors Phil and Karen facing several personal challenges, embarked on a time of rest. In September, they took time off from their ministry responsibilities.
  • 2006-2008
  • Pastor Phil Bonasso and Karenís family of 5 daughters grows to include 3 son-in-laws and 2 grandchildren. All dedicated Christians.

    Pastor Phil spends time re-focusing his ministry, during which time a relational partnership is formed with close friends Pastor Russ Austin, a founding father of Every Nation, and wife Debbie, along with their church in Jacksonville, FL. (
    Phil Bonasso Phil Bonasso Phil Bonasso Phil Bonasso Phil Bonasso Phil Bonasso Phil Bonasso